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Key notes: Flotype is a venture-backed company developing a suite of enterprise technology for real-time messaging.

Office address: Berkeley, California, USA

Description: Flotype Inc. is a venture-backed company building a suite of enterprise technology for real-time messaging. Flotype takes a unique approach by building developer-friendly technologies focused on ease-of-use and simplicity, while still exceeding enterprise-grade performance expectations. Flotype licenses enterprise-grade middleware, Bridge, to customers ranging from social web and software enterprises to financial and fleet management groups. Other offerings include NowJS, a free, open-source framework, for developers seeking real-time interactivity on Node.js and JavaScript browsers. NowCluster is available for companies seeking scalability and reliability for NowJS applications. Established in 2010 and based in Berkeley, California, Flotype is venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, InterWest Partners, and

$ 1,400,000 over 2 funding rounds.

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Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2011-03-02 seed Detailed data
2012-01-05 seed $ 1,400,000 Detailed data


Round Date Round Name Investor Crunchbase Link
2011-03-02 seed Y Combinator Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Yuri Milner Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed SV Angel Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Ignition Partners Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Matt Ocko Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Y Combinator Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Salesforce Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Karl Jacob Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed InterWest Partners Investor Profile
2012-01-05 seed Andreessen Horowitz Investor Profile

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