A database of seed accelerators and their companies.

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Data and analysis for entrepreneurs, accelerators, and investors

Seed accelerators

Information on accelerators around the world, the companies they've funded, how much funding they provide, and for what share of equity.


Are you interested in the successes or failures of different accelerators or companies? Analyze the full data and draw your own conclusions.

Seed companies

Get the scoop on the successes and failure of companies that have graduated from seed accelerators.

Economic impact

With Seed-DB, you can easily see the economic impact of accelerators world-wide, from new jobs created to company value created.

Live data

Seed-DB uses the Crunchbase API for up-to-date information on companies, their exits, funding, and what they're up to.

Single definition

Seed-DB uses a consistent definition of "seed accelerator" to better compare and contrast programs world-wide.

And the disclaimers...

Not complete

The most prominent programs are largely complete, but there are some programs and many companies still missing. (Contact me if you are an accelerator and have data you'd like me to import.)

Exit values

Most values for company exits are guesses, though some come from published reports or the startups themselves. Dots by each exit value indicate the confidence in the value. (High/Medium/Low)

Crunchbase data

A number of fields are pulled from Crunchbase. If a company hasn't updated their information on Crunchbase, it won't show on Seed-DB.


Seed-DB doesn't try to calculate company valuations. There are fantastic companies that have taken little or no funding and are massively successful.