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Key notes: KickoffLabs is a subscription-based club for food lovers, offering gourmet three-course dinners crafted by top chefs.

Office address: Los Angeles, California, USA

Description: KickoffLabs (formerly Pop-Up Pantry) is the subscription club for food lovers, offering gourmet 3-course dinners crafted by top chefs and delivered to your door, all for less than the price of takeout. It's a subscription service, which means customers opt to receive a certain number of meals each month, with dishes recommended for them based on their TasteProfile. We're bringing signature and exclusive dishes from America's top chefs and restaurants to a customers' dining room tables. While our guests in high-density areas like NY, LA, and SF will certainly value our convenience and value, folks living in "food deserts" -- where there simply aren't Trader Joe's or Whole Foods nearby, the best dining-out options are Red Lobster and Applebee's, and delivery is limited to Domino's -- are more food-savvy than ever, and crave the high-end food they're seeing on shows like Top Chef and in Bon Appetit. We want to satisfy the pent-up demand in America for gourmet, delicious food. Customers sign up by taking a quick and fun TasteProfile quiz, select menus from our name-brand chefs based on their culinary preferences, and fill up their "pantry" with the number of dinners they've subscribed to receive each month. Our chefs then prepare and send a shipment with their meals to their home or office. Our dinners are dummy-proof, include instructions and preparation tips to get the meal from kitchen to table in under 30 minutes, and are perfect for romantic evenings at home, dinner parties with friends, or as the regular go-to option when you don't have time to stop somewhere on the way home from work, nor the energy and patience to deal with going to a restaurant. KickoffLabs will disrupt the way people buy food.

$ 1,700,000 over 1 funding rounds.

Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2012-07-26 venture $ 1,700,000 Detailed data


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