Moscow, RU


7 startups funded

0 exits

$ 0 in total exits

$ 0 in total funding raised

State Company Name Website & Crunchbase links Cohort Date Exit Value Funding
MartMania http://martmania.ru/ 1/2012
Acnol http://acnol.ru 1/2012
Smartagrobot http://smartagrobot.com 1/2012
Fleecs http://fleecs.ru 1/2012
B-152 http://b-152.ru 1/2012
Ratron http://ratron.su 1/2012
SystemHeat http://systemheat.ru 1/2012


  1. Exit values are estimates only. Confidence is indicated by H/M/L colors.
  2. Values for funding and number of employees come from Crunchbase

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