Y Combinator // YC S07 starting 2007-06-01

Key notes: ClickPass offers OpenID, a browser installation that allows users to sign on to multiple web sites with a single credential.

Office address: 1209 Orange Street, Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Description: Clickpass makes OpenID easy to use and brings OpenID closer to the mainstream than any other company has done before. The service wraps up the complexities of OpenID such that users are presented with consistent interfaces across all of the applications they use and can access them quickly and easily without needing a password. The company was founded in the UK but moved to Boston to take part in the summer 2007 Y-Combinator programme after which the founders moved on to San Francisco. The service went live on the 12th March 2008.

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$ 20,000 over 1 funding rounds.

Seed-DB Exit data:

Exit value = $ 1,000,000. (Confidence = L)

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Funding Rounds

Date Name $ Invested Crunchbase link
2007-06-01 seed $ 20,000 Detailed data


Round Date Round Name Investor Crunchbase Link
2007-06-01 seed Y Combinator Investor Profile

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